We are inspired by the desire to give a second life through constant experimentation and the restrictions imposed by us according to our ideals of sustainability, conceptually respecting the shape of the materials we work with and putting artisanal techniques into practice.

Each item is made by hand by us, with modern upcycling techniques created by us, using second hand clothes, dead stock fabrics and yarns which are knitted with an old hand knitting machine. 

The ceramic rings, made by hand one by one, are also part of the collections, as well as other objects found in our daily life, such as mother of pearl buttons or elements from nature.

We conceive Maribaudi as much more than a clothing brand, it is also our artistic practice, our way of living life, creating and experiencing our human existence. It is a personal research on how we present ourself to the world.

The brand’s philosophy is to do the most with what one has, finds or is given, to ensure 100% sustainable creations. The work is an indirect criticism of the capitalist society in which we live, the overproduction, the low quality of the products and lack of artistic expression. For us, it should not be accepted, neither should there be another way to create. «We can't be doing so much harm to our world in the name of creativity.»

We want to create desirable objects with materials that, at first glance, seem impossible to create with; we like to surprise. We want our pieces to be fun and make you ask "why?" or "how?". For us, it is important that they spark something when they are seen.

Our items intend to exist between contemporary art and design, playing with the limits of the concepts that occupy both areas, challenging and breaking the stereotypes that are so defined.

Photography, ceramics, glass, leather work, patchwork, fabric manipulation techniques such as dyeing with natural elements, mending, basket weaving, shoe making, crocheting and hand machine knitting. This techniques have nurtured our ability to find a personal and experimental way to bring the creations to life.

The pieces created with second-hand clothes are a collaboration with SOLIDANÇA Roba Amiga. They manage textile waste from the Roba Amiga Program with the aim of improving the management of textile waste and the marketing of second-hand clothing, thus facilitating the hiring of people at risk of social exclusion and reducing at the same time the volume of municipal waste that is sent to the landfill.